How I Embrace My Postpartum Body After Two Kids

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The road to body acceptance isn’t easy well before having children. But what about postpartum?

I’d argue that, thanks to societal standards, the majority of mothers in Western culture tend to see their postpartum bodies as “ugly”.

It’s really easy to tell moms they should embrace their bodies. But with all the weight loss gimmicks geared toward mothers and “postpartum before and after” photos floating around the internet, it’s insanely hard for moms to know which advice to turn to when all they really want is to have confidence again!

Honestly, there really is no one to turn to for acceptance but ourselves.

It’s NOT about losing weight, or fat, by a certain time-frame postpartum that makes moms happier with their new skin.

It all comes down to a few minor mindset checks and some tough, but necessary, lifestyle changes to feel good about your postpartum body again. *no paint size or weight change necessary*

So here are the 4 major ways you can embrace your postpartum body TODAY!

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1. Embrace Your Reflection

I often find myself looking in the mirror and not being very happy with what I see. But that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your body in a healthy way.

However, postpartum is a very tricky time hormonally. Don’t think that just because you’re past your 6 week mark that you should just be shedding weight. Give yourself some grace and do this instead of pointing out the things you don’t like:

  • Face the mirror and close your eyes
  • Envision your reflection from when you had your big ol’ belly holding your sweet babe just days away from greeting you
  • Open your eyes and see what happened next
  • See the home your baby once knew for 9 months
  • Take note of the crinkles at your waist line where kicks used to be
  • Pay attention to the widened hips ready for birth
  • Smile at the extra weight you can see on your upper thighs, arms, hips and upper back that added nourishment while your little one took so much from you to grow
  • Now, out loud, say >> “Body, thank you for giving me the best gift I could ever receive. You are magical, beautiful, powerful and strong. Without you, my baby wouldn’t exist. I’m forever grateful and I promise to treat you well.”

Embrace your body, not because it looks a certain way, but because it did something seriously amazing. It grew your baby! Doesn’t it deserve more than to be reduced to weight on a scale?

2. Embrace Exercise

No, I’m not telling you to purchase expensive equipment or supplements. I’m also not telling you to stress yourself out about fitting a workout in every day. Kids are enough to worry about, am I right?

>> Read this article on the relationship between stress and your health. <<

But working out, even if that’s just stretching, doing yoga, swimming or going for a walk can reduce your stress levels, increase endorphins and as a result, help you feel better about the body you’re in.


Well, our perception of our body is a direct result of our perception of ourselves. I don’t know about you but when I’m not taking care of myself, my mindset always goes more negative and I tend to feel much worse about myself.

So do some simple stretches while the baby naps or at your desk as work and remember, again, how awesome your body is!

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3. Embrace Healthy Food

Just like with exercise, you’re much less likely to feel crappy about how your body looks if your body feels better because of the food you’re eating.

Eating well, however, does not mean restricting yourself.

It’s proven that mindset plays an integral part of self control for portion sizes and having a healthy relationship with food.

Do your best to stick to the major food groups, drink more water, eat more vegetables and if you feel like you’re about to binge eat, DON’T think about weight loss. You may find you slip harder when you think about that.

Instead, think about…

  • feeling better tomorrow
  • having more energy to play with your kids
  • having clearer skin and less bloating/stomach problems

Eating healthy food, reducing bloat and drinking more water affects your body and your mind. Take advantage of these natural mood boosters and take care of the body that has just gone through a lot to have your baby!


4. Embrace Your Baby…Literally

There’s never a better reason to love your postpartum body than the gift it gave you!

When you’re feeling down I want you to pick up your sweet baby and give them a hug. Kiss their rosy cheeks. Take in that baby smell.

Pay close attention to their tiny fingers and toes, their chunky thighs and the big smile they get when they see you.

This is my cure all.

If nothing else helps, holding and really paying close attention to what my body gave me always snaps me out of that negative mindset and helps me embrace what my body has become.

It may not look amazing but it’s the body I shared with my kids. How could I not embrace that?!


BONUS – Embrace New Lingerie

My secret weapon to beat the postpartum body blues!

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And no, I’m not exaggerating!

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This one bra has made me feel sexier than I have since getting pregnant, honestly.

When other things don’t help me embrace my mom bod, a new bra or underwear set from LIVELY gets me back on track.

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So there you have it! The 4 (plus a bonus) things that I do to embrace my amazing postpartum body.

Tell me, what are you doing to embrace your mom bod?


Love, light and coffee,


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