Every Mom Needs This Diaper Backpack

Why Diaper Backpacks Are Taking Over

3 diaper bags. That’s how many we’ve purchased and all of them fell apart on us in the last year.

I’m a work from home mom so we don’t go out much. So how is it possible that these insanely expensive diaper bags haven’t been able to withstand the pressure that my husband, my toddler and I put on them?

Well, for one thing, diaper bags aren’t generally designed in the most optimal way to be carried.

How can I honestly be expected to throw this ginormous bag over my shoulder with the teeny tiny handles? Not to mention ‘the diaper bag that shall not be named’ was so awkwardly packed with pocket type areas that my son’s stuff was bulging out. So when I carried it on my shoulder it was like having 3 thick blankets stuffed under my arm.

On top of all that digging through the bag was a total pain. The other 2 bags we tried were much smaller so they never fit all of my son’s things and in the end, all 3 of those bags ended up with rips and being dropped on the ground and I loathed packing those bags!

Thankfully I got the opportunity to try a diaper backpack for the very first time. #LifeChanging

Now for the record, I was on the lookout for one of these bad boys that promised I’d have space for Oliver’s stuff and I would be able to carry it on my back, all while being super cute!

The thing is, I wasn’t down for the price tags I was seeing.

I’m all for spending money on things that are higher quality but we’ve been down the road where we spend an ungodly amount of money on a bag, just to be awfully disappointed in how the bag stood up compared to the less expensive versions.

So when a company, 3ivewell, gave me a bag of my own I was excited but still cautious.

P.S. – While I did get the bag for free I do NOT get paid anything if you purchase one of their bags. This review is true, honest love.Β 

Without a doubt, this is the best diaper backpack EVER and is 100% the only diaper bag organization system you need.

And here’s why…

 🍼 This backpack has tons of pockets (insulated for bottles too!)

πŸ’ It’s lightweight.

πŸ§” It’s unisex!! My husband and I both love the style. (See my hubbs looking awesome in the photos below!)

πŸ‘Ά There’s a side pocket for wipes!!!

πŸ’° Super affordable (like, crazy affordable considering how amazing it is – the price may shock you)

πŸ™ŒΒ  Stroller Compatible

πŸ’¦ Waterproof Material (Heeyyyyy beach day!!)

On top of all that, the top is structured so there’s no collapsing happening! This is probably my favorite feature of the backpack (besides it actually being a backpack) because the lack of this feature is why all of our other diaper bags failed us.

Overall, we’ve just been getting so many compliments from friends and family on this bag. Every mom who sees it says the exact same thing…”I NEED THAT!”

And yes, yes you do need this diaper backpack because moms (and daddios) deserve better than expensive diaper bags that can’t be washed, fall apart really easily and are for some reason difficult to hold onto when full of the million things your baby needs.

Do yourself a favor and get the bag (or win the heart of your favorite mom by giving it as a gift).

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