Starting A Business While Raising A Baby: How I Decided To Become A Work From Home Mom

starting a business while raising a baby how I decided to become a work from home mom

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So, I would be a full-time mom and my boyfriend would work full-time and it would be perfect.

Fast forward to a hugely pregnant me, a couple months before my due date, and I’m furiously planning out our finances. It wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t not work. So I decided to continue waiting tables, as I had done throughout my pregnancy, but only at night and only a few nights a week. The restaurant I was working at was busy enough that it would allow me to make enough for what we needed. 

Working outside of the home was never easy even though it was only a few days a week. In fact, I think it’s been more difficult because it’s only a few days a week. Some weeks I’m home four days in a row and when I eventually have to work it’s hard on my son. We often nurse to sleep, something my boyfriend obviously can’t do (you know, with his worthless nipples and all) so sometimes they really struggle with naps if I’ve been home all week and suddenly I’m gone.

So we began to entertain the idea of me staying home again. My boyfriend had gotten a raise at his job. We could almost make it work! But almost wasn’t good enough.

I started to search for jobs where I could work remotely. Most didn’t pay enough to be worth it. The ones that did required years of experience that I didn’t have. Some required 6 months to a year of working in the office before they let you work remotely, and that kind of defeated the point too.

Then, one day, I came across someone on my Facebook talking about needing a Virtual Assistant. I had never heard of that before so I looked it up.

“Self employed professional who provides administrative, creative, and technical support to clients from a home office”.

Well, I thought to myself, I could do that! Throw in the fact that you can train yourself and be your own boss? Yeah, I was in.

Just as I never thought that I’d be a mom, I never thought I’d own my own business. Not that I didn’t think I could do it, I just literally had never had the thought before. But once I decided to do it, everything else seemed to come so naturally to me.

I took a month to train and train hard. I watched webinars while the baby napped, read blogs and learned new software at the dinner table. My eyes were red at the end of every day from staring into my phone learning everything I could about becoming a virtual assistant.

Then, once I felt confident that I could take on a client and do whatever it was that they needed, I got my business license (which was super easy and something I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult) and started putting myself out there. The first day I shared my Facebook page with my friends, I got my first client! Not a huge client by any means, but I was able to start doing work for someone else. I’m still hustling everyday to get more clients with a goal to quit my job by mid-2019.

Doing this with a baby is not easy and it requires hard work and diligence. It requires hiding around the corner speed typing emails before the baby sees you and wants to be picked up. It requires working though naps instead of also napping, or laying in bed creating graphics for Instagram while everyone else is sleeping (even though you wake up earlier than everyone else). 

The biggest thing that I have learned that gets me through the day is looking toward my future and knowing that I can get there. My dream is to make enough with my business that I don’t have to work for anyone else again. To be able to stay home full-time and not have to ask anyone if I can take the day off because my son’s sick. To reach these goals I 1) hustle and 2) remind myself everyday that I can do it. I will live this life that I envision!

And you know what? You can too.

Summer Lawson
Virtual Assistant

If there is just ONE thing on your agenda that you don’t enjoy doing, then let’s chat! I can handle it and you can take that time back for yourself. What would a few extra hours a week mean to you?

My name is Summer and I am a virtual assistant, but first I am a mom to my 11 month old son. I started my business to better our lives by becoming a work from home mom!
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