7 Time Management Tips for Stay At Home Moms

7 time management tips for stay at home moms

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If you’re a mom and you feel like you’re failing at time management, I promise you aren’t the only one.

There is so much to get done in the day! You’ve made a to-do list but by the end of the day you’ve only crossed off 2 of the 15 things, right?

Thanks to being a work from home mom I’ve had the opportunity to see time management from an entirely new perspective. Now I use the time blocking method which you can read more about here. But aside from time blocking there are specific things you can do to get more done. Here are 7 time management tips to help make being a stay at home mom just a teeny bit easier!


All of these time management tips are things that I’ve done myself and learned to do more over time. It’s really important to stick to this list even when it gets tough. Creating a habit is the most important aspect of time management!


Is this as hard for you as it is for me?

I’m a helper. A true mother energy that wants to dive into everyone’s lives and solve their problems. The thing is, you won’t be accomplishing much if you’re only focused on everyone else all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to help people out but if you aren’t tackling even half of your daily to-do list, you need to give yourself some grace and just say no.


So you aren’t accomplishing everything in a day? Make your list smaller!

I was the QUEEN of long, unrealistic to-do lists. But then I learned that I’d much rather write down 3 things and accomplish 5, rather than writing down 25 things and accomplishing 5. See what I mean?


I use the ABC method with my to-do list to prioritize the most important tasks. So my URGENT tasks get an A. B’s are assigned to tasks that are important but aren’t time sensitive. And C goes to anything that I’d like to get done but doesn’t necessarily need to be done today.

I’ve been using the ABC method for a few years now and it honestly just makes my day so much easier.


How could I possibly get through my hectic day without a schedule??

If you aren’t assigning dates and times to the items on your to-do list you’re missing out an opportunity to be super efficient! I know that I don’t want to see something on my calendar and then not do it. So writing it down in pen and giving myself that mental note of “hey, don’t forget about this” is super helpful in keeping me on task. I refer back to my calendar at least 3 times a day!

Also, throughout the day make a conscious note of what you didn’t get done on your schedule and why. You may find a pattern emerge, determining what specific thing or feeling stops you from being productive.


Speaking of staying on task, if you want to make sure you stay on schedule, set alarms on your phone to go off 15 minutes before you need to do something. This way you’re in the head space geared toward getting to that task.

Otherwise you may very well forget and then before bed you realize you forgot to do 3 or 4 things. (I’m so guilty of this!)


Don’t forget that you need downtime too. Self-care, relaxation or just “up in the air” time is so important for you and your family. So make sure you aren’t running around non-stop and make the conscious effort to write down a time frame where you have no set plans. See where it takes you!


I’m super guilty of this one. I’m a master procrastinator and I can also get distracted pretty easily. Keep yourself accountable! If you feel like you can’t trust yourself and your schedule on the fridge plus your alarms aren’t enough then it’s time to get some help.

Tell your spouse, your mom, your friend, or whoever about your plans and ask them to call you and check up to see what you’ve accomplished. Getting others involved can really help you try a little harder than you normally would!

And there you have it, 7 time management tips for stay at home moms! Do you have any time management tips I should know about? Leave me a comment below!

Love, light and coffee,


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  1. I love these! Alarms are amazing when I remember to set them! I can get so much cleaning done in a short time! I also love the “set time for nothing tip.” I HAVE to do this or I will never rest. I do it in the form of a checklist because then I’m tricking myself into thinking I’m doing something (even if it’s just relaxing)! 🙂

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