The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! As a mom I love flowers and chocolate and birth stone jewelry but those things aren’t what I need. If you’re shopping around for the perfect mother’s day gift or you’re a mom yourself and you need to subtly (or not so subtly) hint at some great ideas to your spouse and loved ones, look no further than this ultimate self care gift guide!

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide


As a mom and entrepreneur I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. This generally means that I neglect to go out and buy myself things I really want and need. Plus I’m not always ready to drag my toddler around town!

That’s why self-care kits and subscription boxes are absolutely perfect for mother’s day gifts. Anything that helps me pamper myself without leaving the house sounds like a huge mom win.


If you haven’t heard of the FabFitFun subscription box before, you’re missing out! They deliver seasonal boxes (4 times a year) and inside you’ll find full-size fashion, fitness, wellness and beauty items. These boxes are perfectly curated for the season and offer the latest trends. The best part about FabFitFun in my opinion is that you aren’t just getting samples like in a lot of subscription boxes, you’re getting full, awesome, beautiful things you’ll absolutely love.

Pampered Mommy Box

An absolute new favorite of mine, the Pampered Mommy Box is an amazing gift for any mom. What I love the most about them is that they offer different kinds of boxes. So you have typical mom self care boxes at different prices. But then they also offer boxes for specific events like baby showers, anniversaries and birthdays. So this gift is super customize-able and is really great for any occasion.



Have a wine lover on your hands? Winc is near and dear to my heart. Their wine is phenomenal and who doesn’t want wine sent to them? There are so many options for every pallet and many ways to give this as a gift. You can send a Gift Box, give a Winc gift card or purchase a few bottles separately or in a pack. Shipping is free if you purchase 4 or more bottles (so grab yourself a bottle or two).



New Mom Gift Set

Etsy is by far my favorite place to buy gift sets of all kinds. Whether you’re looking for something for a new mom, a mom who’s home with a bunch of little ones or a mompreneur, the gift sets below would be perfect for any mom’s self care routine!


Going Beyond Mom Book


I just want to read more! Reading more books is on my resolution list and I plan to stick to it. I talk to so many moms who would love to add to their book collection, especially books focusing on self care, motherhood and business.

I’ve compiled a list of my top faves! Everything on this list I’ve either read myself, am currently reading or has been highly recommended to me.



We all know every mom is either addicted to tea or coffee. So what better way to remind yourself or the mom in your life to practice self care than to put it on a mug?



Nothing has ever been more effective at eliminating my anxiety and helping me through problems like writing it all down and assessing why I feel the way I do. There’s a reason journaling has become common in many people’s self care routines. It’s very effective! I’m a huge proponent of moms utilizing journals as a daily strategy in coping with stress and gaining clarity.

I don’t think there’s a wrong way to go with journals but if you’re buying one for someone else, make sure you take things like their routine, their needs and their color/organizational preferences into account before buying one. That might sound a little crazy but remember that this journal is supposed to be something she’ll want to look at and write in every single day, so it needs to be motivating for her!

Here are a few of my personal favorite picks.


Love, light and coffee,


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